Dealer Inquiries

Attention Dealers:

People are creatures of habit that usually take the path of least resistance. That's exactly what we provide by showcasing multiple dealers in a single site. We are unique in that we are not trying to sell anything over the Internet nor are we interested in taking a percentage of your business when we bring people into your establishment or to your website. We are focused in helping and encouraging people to physically visit you where your personality, knowledge, professionalism, credibility, merchandising skill and merchandise all come together to make a sale.

The following are the top reasons our dealers list with us:

  1. Thousands of visitors each month
  2. Our site is more effective in bring in store traffic because of the strength in numbers. I.e., the more dealers in an area, the more reasons people have to visit that area - and you.
  3. Dealers can change image from their own computer.
  4. We direct traffic not just into your showroom but also to your web site.
  5. Low cost annual membership is easily recovered usually with just one sale covering multiple years of membership.

Contact Us today to get started. Every day of delay
is a day of missed opportunity

Your participation in this site will make it an even more valuable tool for out-of-state visitors and locals who want to buy the type of merchandise that you offer.

More questions?

Just contact us for more information or call us at (800) 829-5677